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One Week and Counting.

So it’s been just over a week now, that I have suddenly become a non-smoker. It’s quite an achievement and I still struggle at that six o clock moment.  I joined the NHS non smoking campaign and am really enjoying the text support I’m getting. I signed up for ‘light’ support and receive about two or three texts a day. I can’t think how many texts people receive if they want regular support, I find 3 is enough. If I crave a cigarette, I can text CRAVE, and suddenly a text will pop up in my inbox telling me to do one of the chores on my list to keep myself occupied or some other words of encouragement. There are numerous texts telling me how much I have saved by not smoking and congratulating me for my efforts. As I only smoked one or two a day, I don’t think I have made substantial savings yet, but still, it’s good to know that I am not breathing in carbon monoxide. It’s really quite great to feel supported. Yesterday a text arrived saying: Each smokefree day is an achievement so congratulate yourself every night. Each day will show how strong you are   and that’s something to be proud of. Today I got one telling me how to download a ten minute mediation if I feel stressed.

So that’s getting sorted I hope. I haven’t had to face the real test though – the one where I will have to go out to a party or something and there are PEOPLE SMOKING AND DRINKING and I just wander up to their huddled group and ask someone if I can have one. That was my downfall last time. I have decided to arm myself with chewing gum and pop one in my mouth if the urge takes over. I did resist one at my daughter’s birthday when my two girlfriends went outside to have a quick fag. I missed the camaderie, of giggling off outside to huff and puff and gossip, but was glad that I resisted.

But now I have to sort out the persistent headaches I get two weeks after the end of a menstrual cycle. I have one now, and it’s completely debilitating. I would appreciate any tips.


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