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All I want for Christmas

1.I’d love anything from Neom Organics, a superb company that uses natural organic products, but packages them in a really stylish way. This Christmas I’d like to receive their body scrub, as my skin is a bit dull and grey and lifeless during the winter months. They also have perfect presents including reed room diffusers and candles.

2. Anything from Korres. Their  sun tan lotion is the best I’ve ever used. I know thoughts of sunbathing are not exactly appropriate for this time of year unless you happen to be flying off to the sun for Christmas. I’ve tried their new pomegranate skin lotion. It’s absolutely wonderful and I’ve used it a few times without moisturizer and it’s still made my skin soft. It’s also great for taking off makeup and tightening pores. I also have their Vanilla plum body milk and guava body butter and there is nothing synthetic about the smell.

3. A years supply of Lovea shampoo and conditioner. These products really do make your hair shine.

4. A years supply of Liz Earle muslim cloths and face cleanser.

5. A life time membership to the Park Club in Acton. 27 Acres of grounds, including an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts (both inside  an allweather  dome and outside)  and every class you could think of, including acqua zumba, pilates and yoga,  keep me sane. I have been known to swim in their outdoor swimming pool in the middle of winter when snow is falling! Extremely child friendly too.


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