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Driving on the Motorway is the worst thing for my soul

I have an article in The Times today about my fear of driving on the motorway. Apparently I am not alone, many women fear it and some, like me, have been phobic about it. If you click on this link you will be taken to the first page of the Times. Scroll right down you will see a rather odd photograph of me behind the wheel of my car. Click on this and you will be able to read the article, if you pay a one off daily subscription!

Below is my first paragraph:

I am driving on the M4, feeling as though I am stuck on a macabre conveyor belt, which will end in death. All around me, lorries are thundering past, aggressive drivers are inching up right behind me at recklessly fast speeds and I am panicking because it seems impossible to stop or get off. I am imagining a whole series of morbid scenes – the tyre will burst,  I will lose control and the car will swerve into the crash barrier.  Whatever happens we will all die.  My heart is palpitating, my hands are clammy and my breath sounds strange and unnatural. My ten-year-old son asks me why I am panting.  I slow down to 30mph and wonder if I will make to the layby. I am shaking and sweating.  I try not to cry.


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