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Losing Weight

I have now been on the Dukan Diet for about a year. I wrote this post last July, after my first few months on the diet. I had been meaning to try it for a long time, had already attempted it once without the book and failed. I then gave in and bought the book and made a real effort to follow the diet exactly. In my opinion it’s the best diet I have followed and there have been a few. I have attempted everything from the cabbage diet, to a boot camp in Devon, to having my food delivered, and I can confirm, that the Dukan is the only diet I’ve tried that keeps the weight off. But you have to work at it. The Dukan is a diet for life, and though I never reached my ideal weight with it, and would gleefully like to lose another five pounds, I know what to do, when I notice that I weigh more than I did a few days previously.  Knowing how to lose the weight and accepting that I have to follow some of the rules for life, makes me feel in control.

A couple of years ago, I went away for seven nights to a bootcamp to write an article for  a magazine, and lost 3lbs! I lost more weight the following week, when I was back home, but gradually put it all on again. There was such hard work involved  at the bootcamp, including hiking for miles on end wearing a heavy back bag, and doing military style workouts. We were given tiny amounts of food, and told to chew endlessly. I knew that it was not a regime, I would even be able to remotely follow, once I got home. The Dukan is manageable though. You don’t need to star jump and run about and hike uphill and you can eat as much as you like of the foods you are allowed. A win win situation!


I can – Dukan. Let’s all lose weight.

Everybody is on it – well not everybody obviously, but a great deal of people including famously, the ultimate mother of the bride – Carole Middleton, and  Jenni Murray veteran presenter from Woman’s Hour.  I’ve also got two girlfriends following it, and one husband of a girlfriend. When he opened the door to me the other day, I didn’t recognise him, he’d lost so much weight. The Dukan book is curently number six in the Amazon best seller list and it came out last year. There is a long thread on Mumsnet about it – it seems to work for most people, although there are a couple of Mums who are disgruntled because they have only lost a pound or two. They must be cheating. I defy anyone not to lose weight on this diet. There have been recent tweets on twitter about “scoring” the last fat free vanilla yoghurt at certain supermarkets, (a yummy staple of the Dukan diet) and it’s true, Rachael low fat yoghurts, are sometimes scarce. I first heard about the  diet, about three months ago, when my friend, Murphy  told me she’d shed two stone. I caught up with her at last and she looked amazing. I listened to her instructions and a little half heartedly it must be said, began to eat crabsticks, oatmeal, and slabs of steak and then after a few days gave up, tired and bored by the restrictions.  But the weight was piling on and lets face it, rolls of fat are ageing. Who wants a flabby arse and a bulging midriff? No one can convince me to embrace the bulges, I hate being overweight.  Don’t you?  It may sound superficial to but I was a skinny child, teenager, and woman in my twenties but since the end of my thirties I have changed shape and weigh far more than I could ever have imagined. Although my husband never actually said you’re looking fat and I don’t fancy you as much as I did when I met you, I could intuit that’s what he felt. The spread was spreading. I gave in (I think I was desperate)  and decided to commit properly and buy the book.

The Dukan is very easy to follow, and it basically cuts out carbs and steers you onto a low fat diet. The first few days are hard, and I found I was eating piles of the allowed protein foods – I felt tired and dizzy and kind of high.  I think I’ve been dieting on steak, fish, eggs and oatmeal for  two months and have lost 11 pounds, even though I have cheated with slabs of chocolate, or the odd piece of fruit, (not allowed until stage 3) or whatever takes my fancy. I find I relax a bit at weekends, and usually put a kilo back on – I’m sure I would be at my target by now if I had stuck rigorously to the rules.  My husband is proud of me, I am delighted, but it’s a long slog, and I’m still on stage 2 of the four stages that you are meant to commit to when you start.

Ultimately though, I really want to try and carry it forwards and stick to it. Stage 4 means including one protein day a week for life. But it’s worth it, because I’ve got my confidence back.  Why don’t you try it? If you don’t like it you have only lost the price of the book.

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