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Kenkoh reflexology flipflops

I absolutely love love love shoes. I got married in bespoke Christian Louboutin, and used to buy  Stephane Kelian and Roger Clegerie in my carefree single days. These days my shoe collection is more Birkenstock, more flat/sensible, frankly boring. Recently  I discovered I had a bunion on my left foot. It’s ugly and it makes my foot wider. My doctor said it wasn’t nearly bad enough to do anything about and commented that her feet were worse, which seemed highly inappropriate. Not only do I have a bunion, but my feet have already grown a size after two pregnancies, so I can’t squeeze into my wedding shoes. I feel like an Ugly Sister.

I was asked to review Kenkoh and was sent a pair that looks like this, but mine have a pink sole. 

When I looked up Kenkoh Japanese flip flops up on the internet, I found they claim to cure all sorts of ailments such as:

• Sciatica • Swollen ankles and lower legs
• Varicose veins • Arthritis
• Fluid retention • Hammer toes
• Bunions, callouses and warts • Stress
• Insomnia • Headaches
• Tiredness and lethargy • Low mood

They are meant to work on your foot’s reflexology points and they do seem  to massage the feet. I wore them for just a little bit to get used to them, and then built up to wearing them all day. They are comfortable and do make you feel quite good, but after five or six hours, the thong between my toe began to hurt. Also a friend told me they were ugly which made me laugh. I don’t think they are ugly, but I think they are probably best for wearing around the house after a long hard day.


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