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You Woke Me UP!!!

My husband is very good at sleeping, but I am not. He can turn over and sleep anywhere, but I can wake in the night and stay awake for hours. If I go out for an evening and drink, particularly champagne, my heart will beat and I will not sleep, the same if I eat chocolate or if I eat too late or if I drink too much caffeine. In my time I’ve tried everything to help me sleep, from foul-tasting liquids, to aromatherapy massage, to acupuncture, exercise, lavender spray, anything. I found that Acem Meditation helped, but not always. All sorts of things wake me up, including my husband’s snoring or sitting up and drinking water, someone shouting in the street, a child coming into our room, the cat scratching at the door…

I am now trying, Saskia Flower Essences – I have to put seven drops under my tongue or could put it in my bath.
I am using Breathe Deep, Seek Peace –  For winding down and letting go

Apparently it helps people who have trouble falling asleep.

It Contains:

Rio Clarillo – to let go and wash away all those old feelings (These are their descriptions not mine!)
Bindweed – for untangling
Oak – just stop and be still
Speedwell – slow down, everything is as it should be
Wild Garlic – universal support/letting go of fears
Red Chestnut – stop worrying about others
White Chestnut – just let go of those thoughts

I have used it for three nights running and though I am still tired and probably been going to bed too late, I haven’t had trouble falling asleep.

I’ve also got Sexy and Gorgeous to try and Keep on Track!


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