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A PS to post yesterday

I wanted to add one more thing to my post yesterday, Tingling in the  cold Atlantic Sea, about my holiday in Ireland. There was one more aspect of that ten days that was also good for me and no doubt would be good for you too.  Apart from the silence and the view, and the restorative sea air, there was no access to internet. No checking emails, twitter and facebook. No blogs, or browsing  for a full ten days.  You can see that I am back to it now, as I write this at 6.54 in the morning. I am something of an addict. When my husband accuses me of spending too much time on my computer, I protest that I am working. I am a writer I say forcefully, I have to be on my computer. But the truth is, he’s right. I sometimes browse/write emails/checkfacebook instead of talking to the children. I have been known to watch television in the evening and be looking at facebook at the same time. When I’m meant to be writing a novel or an article, I check my emails about five times an hour. I am certainly not proud of this. I didn’t miss it though, when I didn’t have it. A couple of times, it would have been good to look up the weather or keep up to date about what was going on in Libya or discover that Brad and Angelina have checked their children into Ibstock Place school  or that Kate was wearing yet another dress from Reis, but then again, it was a huge relief not to. I did miss radio 4, (couldn’t find it on the radio in the house) but  it was just as good checking the weather by looking out of the window at the spectacular sky – generally there were one or two rainbows, or big bulbous clouds, or a beautiful blue sky or at nighttime thousands and thousands of stars.


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