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Day 6 of giving up smoking for Lent

Hurray, I’ve managed 2 nights now without my usual one or two cigarettes.

Sunday evening, without a packet was quite easy, as I was so tired, I could barely eat, let alone smoke. Last night, was slightly harder.  I drove to the Tabernacle in Notting hill, to the 5 X 15 event, which included Alain De Botton discussing why atheists can benefit by ‘stealing’ certain principles of religion even if they don’t believe in God, which he takes as a given. According to him there is no God.

I  would usually smoke my one cigarette of the evening, while driving in the car, a wonderful moment of escape from the kids, escape from routine, but managed to resist. I did fleetingly think of stopping to buy a packet, (the familiar pull of ritual) but remembered a hypnotherapist, once saying to breath in and out deeply, when the urge grips. Went to bed and definitely slept deeper than usual. Feel so good that I’ve even managed 2 days, as have told my children I am giving up for Lent and so far, I have smoked 3 of the days since Ash Wednesday and my daughter was not that impressed when she discovered a cigarette in an ashtray. But am determined to carry on now, perhaps past Lent, and on and on forever and ever.

The not so great moment came today when I weighed myself. I seem to have put on a kilo and a bit,  in the last two nights not smoking. I definitely remember  attacking some Maltesers and a packet of popcorn in the pathetic bid to have something in my mouth? A distraction? A prize?


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