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I am feeling quite low today – slightly suffering from an anti climatic feeling after the publication of my novel, Seven Days One Summer. It just feels so hard to compete with the what seems like millions of other books that are coming out in time for summer. There is  also a mix up over the bill at the place where I had the book launch, which involves a friend, which has still not been settled. I was sitting at my desk, brooding, when this popped into my email box from: updates@meditainment.com


Say out loud any of the following affirmations that seem to resonate with your life at this time.

• I accept life’s challenges
• I learn from every set-back and success
• I engage with the opportunities of today
• I live with passion and purpose
• I value the times of my past
• I treasure the unique story of my life
• I cherish the lives of others
• I give and receive friendship generously
• My life is precious and significant
• I defend what I know to be right
• I stand firm and without fear
• I see beauty in the universe
• I experience pleasure every day
• I permit myself to happiness
• I am glad to be alive
In everyday thinking, there is often a background chatter of negative thoughts which undermines our self esteem. Positive affirmations are a simple way of balancing this.


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