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Complexion Perfection Review

The other day, depressed by winter, and feeling exhausted, I booked in for  a facial with Neena Trehan, who is the owner of  Spa fabulous Organic. She designs all her own 100% organic products. The ones she used on me smelt exquisite, (she is very fond of Frankinsence, which she discovered while working in the Middle East) and most importantly the products are free from parabens, pertro-chemicals,  sulphate,  artificial fragrances,  colours and are not tested on animals.  Her new facial is called Complexion Perfection. As well as massaging the skin with her hands and a muslin cloth, she uses a vacuum suction machine which she designed, which actually feels quite pleasant. This facial makes your skin glow and is more effective than a usual steam and mask and more relaxing than a peel or a caci facial. It brings blood to the surface, and the bags under my eyes definitely looked less dark and baggy, and the skin on my nose free from blackheads.  24 hours later, people were telling me how well I looked. Sadly it’s now, 3 days since the facial and after two late nights my skin no longer has that special glow, but it was marvellous while it lasted.  It costs £70 for 70 minutes, but will vary in price according to where you have it. Below is a photograph seconds after my facial, with a great glow. 


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