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All About Beauty

I was really excited to be asked to review a beauty box from AllAboutBeauty: One because I love beauty products, and two because receiving a box in the post, is fun.  Once you have signed up a box is delivered once a month, with products that are sourced from around the world, and not in sample sizes but full size products.  Half the fun is not knowing what you are going to receive. The Allaboutbeauty BEAUTYBOX costs £15 (plus £2.95 P+P)which seems very reasonable. There were four products, plus a kind of oil burner – (one thing I would have appreciated would have been a description of the products in a letter format or something, as I am not quite sure how the burner works and it would be interesting to read about the Kipos cleanser, toner and face drops and the Moonlife Moisturizer.) I would have liked to know who Kipos are? Are the products new? How much do they cost? Where are the ingredients sourced etc and also how much they would have been to buy direct so that I would feel smug, knowing how much I was saving. The toner seems particularly good and really gets the London grime off, more than the toner I use at the moment. There is also a thick night cream from Dr Laranne, which is something I lack, so was extra pleased to receive – my skin dries up like an old rag in winter. The nightcream looks expensive, more than the £15 for the entire box, but I couldn’t seem to find out exactly how much when I googled it.

So if you’re thinking of subscribing to a beauty box in the post scheme, this one seems very good. The only scheme I have so far been signed up to, was receiving lacy knickers in the post once a month, for a year, from my husband, for Valentine’s Day. Lovely.


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3 thoughts on “All About Beauty

  1. I also received this box and couldn’t agree more about wanting to know more about the products. I also struggled to find anything about price online and the info available about DrLauranne and Kipos was very scarce.
    Oddly, you received slightly different products to me. I got some eye gel from DrLauranne instead of the face drops from Kipos.

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