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I have a Disney Goody Bag to give away!!!

I am supporting a really worthwhile campaign. Disney Junior Channel have offered to turn Disney memories into cash for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  I wrote about going to see the Jungle Book at the cinema, it was the first film I ever saw and I absolutely loved it, particularly Baloo the bear, seen above.  I also read and reread my Mary Poppins book which had little flaps which you lifted up to reveal tiny stories about Mary Poppins. Each memory is worth £1 for Great Ormond Street hospital and when a million memories are recorded they will turn it into  £1million for the hospital. You can post your own memory on the link – Then duplicate in my comment box so I can choose one to send a goody bag to. (Nothing too exotic, I’m just going to grab one randomly) and join celebrities who have shared including:

Robbie Williams

For me it was The Jungle Book,  I think it was the first film that I ever went to see. It was and still is an amazing film, with amazing songs and amazing characters. I’ve loved Disney from a very young age, but The Jungle Book was probably my first true Disney experience.

Emma Bunton

Watching Mary Poppins was my first Disney memory. I remember singing along to the songs and being fascinated by the colours, characters and Mary flying over the London rooftops !

Alesha Dixon

My earliest memory of Disney would have to be going to the cinema for the first time to see Bambi. It was the most beautiful experience and highly emotional. Disney literally transported me to another world that I didn’t want to end!

Sir Michael Caine

My memories were Snow White and Bambi in those days, I remember crying my eyes out when Bambi’s mother died in the forest and laughing my head off at the Seven Dwarves. I grew up with cartoons.  My favourite Disney villain would have to be the wicked witch from Snow White, I think she’s great and my favourite Disney hero is Mickey Mouse, he was my first hero and my favourite.

Julie Walters

My first Disney  memory was tramping through deep snow with my aunt to a local ‘picture house’ in Birmingham. I was about five and I remember with great clarity the heavenly sensation of thawing out in the rich, red warmth of the cinema and the utter thrill as the lights went down, my aunt shoving a wine gum into my mouth as the film began. It was Lady and the Tramp. I was completely grabbed by the gorgeous technicolor, the wonderful characters and the absorbing story and there began my love of cinema.

Lewis Hamilton

I think for me it was Mickey Mouse. When I was really young I remember having this picture that my mum has of me in infant school and I was wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and it had the buttons that you could press and they would make the ears squeak! Also I remember watching Mickey Mouse on Disney Channel when I was really young and when we went to Disneyland in Los Angeles when I was 4 or 5, so I don’t remember it all, but I had pictures to prove that I actually met Mickey Mouse, so that’s pretty cool.

Post your own Disney memory and then duplicate the memory in my comment box. The best memory will receive a great Disney Goodie bag from ME suitable for children up to  7 years old. I’ve just got one, and it’s sorted out my daughter’s Christmas stocking.

It’s a win win situation!


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One thought on “I have a Disney Goody Bag to give away!!!

  1. I remember seeing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the feeling of excitement and being mesmerised by the big screen, I didn`t want it to end. The escapism of the animated characters was a pure delight.

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