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Tingling in the cold Atlantic sea

I’ve said before that I am not a good sleeper, but in Ireland, in the little white house that faces the Atlantic, I slept and slept -slept in bed, on the sofa, on the beach, even once on the floor! The first few days after eight hours sleep each night, (unheard of for me) I still felt as though I was walking through mud, my body and mind were recuperating from the exhaustion that had built up from sleeping so badly in London all year. Being away from the city is definitely good for the soul and we were there for ten days. There was no noise except for rain and birdsong. There are rainbows, perhaps, two or three a day, sometimes more, which made me feel childish and excited and profound. The view from the house is spectacular – mountains and sea. The sunny days were sublime. The Atlantic sea was freezing (I screamed every time, I jumped in) but I swam and tingled all over when it was time to get out.  The swimming buoyed me up. We sailed to a pub and ate mussels, we fished for our supper and caught mackeral. There were dull cloudy grey days too, that were not so ideal.

Since I’ve been back in London, I’ve had three days of migraine and an average of five hours sleep a night. One night I couldn’t sleep because of a party in the street. I feel stressed and hyped up and neurotic. As I write a car alarm is going off. When we left for Ireland, the riots were in full swing and I was scared, the atmosphere was tense, we felt afraid. Terrified that our car would be smashed or a brick thrown through our window.

My son wants a dog and my daughter a pony.She rode in Ireland for 15 Euros for an hour. In London, the price is so much more, perhaps four times as much.

Do we move to the country? Or do we stay in London? The idea of moving makes me feel exhausted. Where to we start? How can I justify moving my daughter from her outstanding primary school? My son has to move anyway as he is going into year 6.


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2 thoughts on “Tingling in the cold Atlantic sea

  1. Blimey – move! You only have one life.

  2. mindbodybeautyhealth on said:

    I know it sounds desperate, but it’s also a reaction to returning home to reality!

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