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I’m not offering a solution here – I’m actually wondering if anyone has any tips to combat PMT?  I’ve just got through my worst ever bout, which included being depressed for more than a week, and then in the two days leading up to my period suffering from exhaustion, intense irritability, migraine, neck ache, stiffness, insomnia, a really bad temper and acute intolerance of my husband and children. It was really awful. I also felt kind of dazed yesterday, groggy and unreal. I also wondered what was the point of being a writer? What was the point of anything?

For a while I went to see a woman called Atsue who does a mixture of shiatzu, acupuncture and physio and it did work, but I had to keep going every month, and now she’s moved her clinic and it’s quite an expensive commitment.

Do supplements work? And which ones?  Any other tips?


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4 thoughts on “PMT – HELP

  1. I feel for you.
    I dont suffer as much as you do but enough to effect me 2 weeks out of every month: 1 week with pmt symptoms and 1 week having a period.
    I find that sleeping and resting helps, working out at gym, eating fish, taking omega 3 supplements as well as Boots monthly cycle supplements help.

    If you discover anything else please fo tell!

    • mindbodybeautyhealth on said:

      Thanks for this. Yes I went swimming last night, and it helped for about an hour afterwards. It’s not always as bad as it was this month. Will try the Boots monthly cycle and omega 3.

  2. You probably don’t want to hear this, but at 51 I find the menopause is the best remedy for PMT. It is so wonderful to feel ‘normal’ again. I feel like I am once again as balanced as I was at 15. My life is staying on track of its own accord, I no longer have to fight my own hormones to keep it there. The atmosphere at home is no longer dependent on my monthly cycles. I no longer shout at bishops if they offend me at the wrong time of the month. It is total, utter bliss. As a woman working in what is still, by and large, a man’s world, I do often wish I had been born a man, except not for anything would I have wished to miss out on having a child, and the thought of him not existing at all is unbearable. So I guess I am grateful really but I don’t regret at all the natural passing into the ‘third age’.

    • mindbodybeautyhealth on said:

      Actually Ruth, that is heartening to hear. I am in my late forties, so not long to go. In recent years, I have really felt manipulated by my hormones and saddened that they have such a grip. But what do you do about menopausal symptoms? Hot flushes etc? Or have they not effected you?

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