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3D Perfect Brow Treatment

Since becoming a mother, my personal grooming is not what it used to be – not that it was ever perfect, but I certainly had more time in the old days.  Last night I had a big bash book launch for my new novel, Seven Days One Summer, and took the rare step of having a haircut and manicure/pedicure to boost me up, ready to face the real world. A week earlier I tried something even more radical – the 3D brow treatment at Tracie Gilles in London.

I have always had dark, unruly, eyebrows, but this treatment tidies them up, and makes them look as though they are permanently perfect with brow liner on them. The therapist finds the right pigment to match the shades of your hair skin and eyecolour and then the therapist, (I had Tarryn who is the top therapist with Tracie) mixes the pigment and then measuring your face draws on the perfect brows. I wanted a shape that would give my face a lift. The custom blended pigments are then infused into the skin, and although not exactly painful, at times, it was quite uncomfortable, as though you were having lots of brows plucked at the same time. The result is quite startling and for the first 24 hours the brows look weirdly unreal, in my case strangely dark. I looked a bit like a transvestite. The colour fades after a couple of days and then you are left with these amazing brows,(probably quite normal for a groomed woman) but in my case look as though they belong to a much more organised person than I am. The brows are retouched about a month after the treatment to keep them looking just right. What is so great about this treatment is that you can walk around feeling like a mess, but with these amazing immaculate eyebrows, you appear snappy and sharp, even if you don’t really feel it. Not exactly cheap, prices are from £495,but will last up to eighteen months and it’s worth it.


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